Monday, January 4, 2010

I have found so many amazing blogs that I am jealous and want one of my own! We shall see if I can keep it up!

I recently collaborated with Maryann Roy, who creates the most amazing Mid Century Modern furniture in miniature, on an article on the AMC series Mad Men. Maryann made the sets and I designed the fashions for the female characters. What a fun project! The article is in the Winter 2009 issue of Fashion Doll Quarterly (FDQ). I put some of the fashions I made for the article on Ebay, hoping to reach some fellow Mad Men fanatics out there!


  1. Hi, Hilda! I saw your post on Doll Divas and had to come check out the new blog in town:) I'm so glad you're here!

    I loved these Mad Men photos, and your fashions are to die for! I especially love Joan's green dress. And her red dress. Well, what doesn't look good on Joan, lol. Did you get to pick which dolls to use?

  2. Hi Smidge! Thanks for stopping by! Yes, Maryann and I worked out which dolls we wanted. Maryann re-painted and re-styled the Secretary Silkstone for Peggy, re-styled Fashion Editor for Joan and I used a Silkstone from my collection painted by Steve Skutka for Betty. We decided to put them all on tall FR bodies for the poseability.

  3. Cool! I wondered that when the magazine came out, I'm so happy to finally know, lol! Your choices were wonderful.